LDD (gypsy) moth resources

The summer of 2021 saw a massive influx of LDD caterpillars with a great deal of defoliation on the south side of the island. We want to be ready for 2022, and have been researching the problem and potential solutions.

  1. Aerial spraying application. Click Here
  2. LDD/gypsy moth presentation from the BIRPOA meeting is available for download: here.
  3. BTK (Bacillus thuringiensis) is the active ingredient in aerial spray. What is it? How safe is it? Click Here
  4. DIY TECHNIQUES for controlling LDD populations. Click Here
  5. TREEAZIN – a way of innocculating specific trees. Click Here
  6. HEALTH CANADA pest management. Click Here
  7. LDD moth life cycle from the University of Michigan. Click Here

Sand Lake, on the Rideau Canal Elgin, Ontario