News update: Marinas opening May 16 at 12:01 am

The whistle has been blown, boats can come out of the penalty box…

As of 12.01 am on Saturday morning, May 16, Sand Lake Marine is allowed to release the boats of all Canadian cottagers. And the boats of all Birch Islanders from Canada are in the water and ready to go.

Folks from the US will have to wait until at least June 21 to be allowed back in to Canada, according to current info.

When at the marina: remember to maintain social distancing. Park cars as far apart as possible, and wait in your car until others in a nearby car are well clear of you. Do the same thing at the docks: don’t go onto a dock until others have cleared it. Don’t land your boat at an occupied dock–wait.


Stay 2 meters from marina staff. The marina buildings are closed to all except staff. And there is a window on the side of the building for making payments or other transactions. Gas is available.

Courtesy and thoughtful actions will get us through this pandemic.

I wish you a great start to the cottage season!

Bob Cavenagh
on behalf of 

Sand Lake Marine and the Birch Island Residential Property Owners Association (ie: BIRPOA).

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