Annual General Meeting minutes archive

BIPROA AGM Meeting August 31, 2022

Venue-#33 Dave and Sherry Perfetti (Potluck Picnic/AGM)

Attendance-36 cottagers

Meeting-Start time 11:10 to 12:00

Bob Cavenagh opened meeting with a warm welcome and introduction of all attendees was asked with names and cottage number.

  1. Memorials-no contributions
  2. Announcements-Canoe Race Labour Day weekend hosted by Johanne Morin and Brett Pollock
  3. Marine Updates-David Glover requesting all islanders to please remind their guests to pay for parking. Small discussion took place for easy remedies. Pay for an extra parking spot with the annual slip fees and/or keeping track of your visitors and pay all at the end of the year.
  4. Treasurer Updates-Val Fullard disbursed copies of expenditures. She stated that approximately 50% of association fees had been collected. Bob explained an auditor must be elected to review the yearly finances…Michael Lehr was asked to participate by Bob. Rob Jackett explained to the attending members why an auditor needs to be appointed.
  5. Trails-maintenance reviewed by Ry Weisiger and only and couple downed trees needed to be limbed for clean up. Bob reviewed that trails have been maintained by 6 volunteers…Ry for the past 20 years with the majority of cutting and trimming being completed.
  6. Rideau Canal Development Committee-Rory Gooderham was appointed last year to sit on this committee. To this date there have been no meetings.
  7. Septic Pollution on Island-Bob reviewed the process…every time a septic holding tank is pumped out a report is supposed to be sent to Rideau Lakes Township. A couple of years ago the township and Ministry was supposed to inspect the septic systems on the island. Cottagers are not sure if this was random process or not completed at all. There has been a complaint filed that raw sewage is being dumped into the lake. There are a number of concerned owners. Bob noted that the Rideau Lakes Authority needs to take action and an action group would be formed.
  8. LDD spraying-Bob reviewed, a short discussion on how communication was a challenge during spraying process. LDD was minimal on the island this season…not sure if cold winter temperatures and their own virus killed them without the spray. Bob commended all the executive who volunteered their time for presentations, organizing association Zoom meeting and contacting companies for updates and information.
  9. Organization Structure Changes-mission statement, new constitution and executive changes presented to members. Bob and Rob reviewed ONCA changes which started in October 2021. These organizational changes need to be completed by 2024. The changes include appointing a Board of Directors (BOD) of nine members. Bob stated a new constitution draft was sent to members to read and bring forth questions or comments. Legislative items need to be in the By-Laws. Prior to voting, questions fielded from association members.

-Johanne Morin stated she had not read the new proposed constitution-Rob stated that it could be noted she would be abstaining from the vote. Bob had a copy present and it was suggested she read over prior to the membership vote.

-Andy Greiner questioned the increase in membership fees from the prior year. He stated in the past members had to vote for any increases and in the proposed constitution the BOD could make that decision. Rob stated membership fees would be approved at the AGM. An amendment would be added to the new Constitution.

-Andy Greiner questioned that in future budgets that a tentative outline for upcoming yearly expenditures should be sent to members. Bob reviewed why the increase in fees the previous year from $40.00 to $50.00

-Andy Greiner would like to review language of Constitution and will email Rob himself for discussion (BOD and majority voting). Rob explained that the proposed By-Law, if approved today would only be partially in effect. The final association changes would not be submitted to ONCA until next summer.

-Johanne Morin questioned if the Association had Director and Officer insurance. Val Fullard fielded this question and replied ‘Yes’. Rob reviewed the liability of the use of common areas for events and right of way. Val asked if this type of information would be helpful on the website. -Rob instructed the members that this new Constitution is a working document and their would-be further amendments before final voting in 2023. Rob Jackett proposed to have amendments carry over to 2023… 2nd by Val Fullard…approved by majority of members hands…Passed.

-ONCA rules reviewed for BOD. Bob put forward the proposed new slate of candidates for upcoming terms. Proposed BOD of 8 to 9 members and a discussion with present Executive to leave 8 members for the first term. Proposed that the 7 present Executives be renominated for next year.

OFFICERS-1, 2 and 3 years-John Feltmate/ Ry Weisiger/ Bob Cavenagh

2 years-Rory Gooderham President 1 year then move to past president

3 years-Director Secretary Mary Rockburn

Director Treasurer Val Fullard

Director: Vipool Desai

1 year-Vice President to President to Past President Rob Jackett

Motion to accept by Wendy Nuttall, second by Catherine Burnside, approved by majority of members hands…Passed

PICNIC followed organized by the social committee.

Sand Lake, on the Rideau Canal Elgin, Ontario