About Us

“BIRPOA”, is short for the Birch Island Residential Property Owners Association (and sometimes just the Island Association), and is the organization that looks out for the care and well being of the island and its residents. Membership is voluntary but we encourage all islanders to join by paying annual dues ($50) that help us keep our various activities moving.

We are an all-volunteer association that exists for the benefit, not just of members, but for all Birch Island cottagers. 

We provide support for and maintain the Birch Island library (come check it out!), as well as keeping the extensive network of trails cleared.

We put on the annual ALL ISLAND REUNION, aka “picnic” aka Meet and Greet, and will again support the Great Birch Island Canoe and Paddling Race this summer.

Last winter, we facilitated members joining an initiative to spray for gypsy moths, aka LDD moths. and set up an online iniformation session that was very well-attended.

We also maintain a membership in FOCA, the Federation of Ontario Cottage Associations, which advocates on behalf of cottage owners to the Ontario government about such issues as commercial expansion on shorelines, wake control, wildlife protection, etc.  We also have accepted an invitation to provide input to the Rideau Authority of Parks Canada, and are members of a regional association.

Additionally, thanks to the tireless efforts of long-time member John Feltmate, we have surveyed rights of way on the island, and created an accurate trail map which you can download here.

We are the only group providing:

At the marina we provide for members only, exclusive use of:

  • Liaison and advocacy with township council for islander concerns such as garbage and recycling pickup
  • Maintenance of cross island walking paths
  • Maintenance and management of the island library
  • Website for communication, education, and relevant information, Twitter account and Facebook group
  • Representation on FOCA (Federation of Ontario Cottagers’ Associations)
  • And more….
  • Luggage carts for transporting between parking area and dockside
  • Battery booster for boats and cars
  • Message board for events, activities and notices to islanders

2022-2023 “Island Volunteers”

These folks are the ones who do most of the work of the island association, along with others who help out from time to time. Birch Island requires some maintenance and care, we need to watch out for environmental issues, there are social events to craft, and plenty of other tasks to keep the island in good shape. We always welcome new volunteers. We invite all islanders to a reunion and hold an annual elections at the ‘Annual General Meeting,’ and will welcome you, too!



  • President: Rory Gooderham
  • Vice President: Rob Jackett
  • Past President: Bob Cavenagh
  • Secretary: Mary Rockburn
  • Treasurer: Val Fullard
  • At Large: Vipool Desai
  • Trails: Ry Weisiger
  • Right of Ways: John Feltmate


  • Dave Perfetti
  • Chris Wagner
  • Kit Wojick
  • Wendy Nuttall

Articles of Incorporation

New regulations have required that BIRPOA replace it’s traditional Constitution with newly crafted ‘Articles of Incorporation.’ The first installment of those articles was presented at the 2022 AGM and Island Reunion. It was approved by the members present. Additional changes will be required going forward, but here is the current document.

Sand Lake, on the Rideau Canal Elgin, Ontario