2020 Virtual Annual General Meeting



From the Executive Committee of the Birch Island Residential Property Owners Association (BIRPOA)

The coronavirus pandemic has forced us to forego our usual in-person Annual General Meeting. As a safer alternative, we are providing this email and web based report on activities and seeking your responses, by email, using the comment option below. Since the AGM is traditionally held Sunday morning of the August long weekend, we are keeping up the tradition by sending this message at that same time.

Minutes of the 2019 AGM Sunday, August 4th 2019 (Rory Gooderham):

Members of the Executive Committee presentRory Gooderham Secretary/President, Bob Cavenagh Vice- President, Vipool Desai Treasurer, Ry Weisiger  Director-Trails, John Feltmate Rights of Way Regrets: Brett Cavanagh Past President

Welcome: Rory Gooderham welcomed everyone to the meeting and following tradition, asked members present to introduce themselves.

Thanks to Brett Cavanagh: Rory advised that Brett Cavenagh was concluding his term as President/Past President and noted that his contributions over the years in a number of roles are greatly appreciated

Memorials: Carole McKewen, Bill Davis, Louis Monton and Paul Simpson were remembered as cottage owners and contributors during their time on the island.

Minutes of previous AGM held August 5th, 2018: Were adopted as presented.

Treasurer’s Report: Vipool Desai referred to his Treasurer’s report which had been circulated to members in advance of the meeting. Funds at the beginning of 2018-2019 fiscal year were $3,455; membership revenue was $1,645 representing 40 members. Total expenses were $1,366 resulting in a surplus of $3,734 at year-end July 31st, 2019.

Island Issues and Interests:

Lake Association – Township of Rideau Lakes: Rory noted that BIRPOA was able to participate in the Township’s Lake Association Grant program and received a grant of $947.00 to assist with operations.

Marina Issues: As always, a note of thanks to the folks at Sand Lake Marine for all they do for us. It is important that we all observe speed limits for safety and to reduce dust. Cottagers should use only the lower road and park carefully to make room for others. Dog droppings need to be bagged and removed – not placed in the Go Hut.

Water Safety: There was a quick review of basics including keeping appropriate distance from docks and swimmers, the importance of proper lighting on boats at night. Reducing ‘light pollution’ was also brought forward

Septic Pumping: Vipool noted recent experiences including the costs. Group rates for this service work are available which will benefit cottagers who need this service.

Group Wi-fi: Stephen Reid noted that he was in process of making arrangements with a local supplier for Wi-fi services that could also be made available to other cottagers in need. Unfortunately it was found that group rates were not being offered and it is back to the drawing board.


Library: Bob Cavenagh indicated that helpers are always needed. Ideally teenage kids to provide guidance on book titles for younger readers. As always, donations of thoughtful, current and quality titles are welcome. A signup list was circulated.

Trails: Ry Weisiger noted that for the most part the trails are in good condition and asked members to report any concerns they find so they can be taken care of. The culverts at the causeway were also beginning to collapse and this may require the area to be closed in the future. Cottagers were advised to take care whenever using the trials.

Your Water System from Lake to Tap: Bob Cavenagh went through a demonstration of pumps, filters and various water purification systems. It was agreed that the information for both old and new cottagers was very useful.

Power Outages: John Feltmate noted the importance of calling hydro if the power goes out. The more calls the better to encourage hydro crews to fix

Canoe Race Returns!: It was announced that the annual boat race would return on September 1st, 2019, hosted by the Pollocks at Lot 70.

Nominations and Election of Executive Committee Positions for 2019-20.

President: Bob Cavenagh (current VP)

Vice President: Vacant-no nomination received

Past President: Rory Gooderham

Treasurer: Vipool Desai (current Treasurer)

Secretary Rory Gooderham (second role)

Director for Trails Ry Weisiger

Director for Library Bob Cavenagh (extra task)

Director for Rights of Way John Feltmate & Rory Gooderham

Directors at Large Dave Perfetti, Chris Wagner (Mary Rockburn was subsequently appointed)

There being no further nominations, the members’ nominated above were elected by show of hands. 

Other business:

There was discussion about property tax re-assessments, how to do them and whether they are worthwhile. Parking improvements at the marina were also discussed.

Kayakers on Sand Lake

2020 Treasurer’s Report (from Treasurer Vipool Desai):

August 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020, including most recent bank statement

AGM 2019 Balance Carried $3,733.99

Credits Membership Fees $  440.00

(2019 paid after AGM)

Township Grant $  927.00


Debits E&O/ D&O Insurance $  (908.28)

FOCA Membership $  (282.50)

gas payment to Ry Weisiger $  (200.00)

Web hosting $  (169.68)

Sign posts $   (25.00)

TOTAL DEBITS $ 1,585.46

June 30, 2020 Balance on Account $ 3,515.53

Note that we did not collect dues for 2020, to help with coronavirus impacts.


President’s Report 2020 (Bob Cavenagh)
The coronavirus pandemic has taken a heavy toll on many people, some physically, others with major disruptions to their lives. The Executive Committee has wanted to help make the Birch Island experience as pleasant and safe as possible. We cancelled dues for the year; while $40 is almost a symbolic amount, it was something we could do. We have been forced to close the library to comply with Ontario guidelines (though we may try to have a brief opening late in the year so books can be returned). We have switched to this ‘virtual’ alternative to the AGM.

Executive members have met repeatedly, including Zoom meetings hosted by Dave Perfetti.

We drafted and helped circulate a petition to the Township to improve Sand Lake Road; it has received a favorable response but we will need to see what happens.

We have launched a new web site that will grow over time. It is sensitive to the device you use, so it automatically appears in different forms on computers, tablets and phones. More on that in a bit.

It has become clear that the Constitution needs to be revamped. Last revised in 2012, we need to ensure it is sensitive to things like the pandemic, and we need to redefine roles and terms of Officers and Directors, among other things. That will be part of the 2021 agenda.

Speaking of the Officers and Directors: sadly, it is not really feasible to conduct a proper election in email; additionally we have not found new candidates for those roles (we are also operating without a Vice President). The current folks have conceded that we should maintain our roles through 2021 and hope for new folks at that time. More on this later.

We normally have a report on the condition of the island trails from ‘Trail Boss’ Ry Weisiger. That can’t happen, because Ry, like other US citizens and some from other provinces, has been unable to come to Canada. Chris Wagner reports that the lack of rain has helped keep the grass on the western end trails somewhat in check. Some island folks have mowed parts of the trails. We also have a suggestion that it may be desirable to bring in some heavy equipment to clear and widen trails next year; that is certainly an agenda item.

John Feltmate has conducted a long-running process to insure that members can secure legal rights to use the island trails. Quite a number of hiccups and legal glitches were discovered during Round 1; a number of folks participated at that time. John plans to set up Round 2 in 2021 for newcomers and those who did not participate originally. Rory Gooderham is joining him in this effort.

Chris Wagner has proposed several interesting ideas to promote Birch Island, even creating things like caps and other merchandise (I have long fancied creating an informal poster sized map).

Residents have suggested organizing both a large-item trash pickup and a brush-chipping arrangement to help clear some of the extensive brush piles left by Hydro and other activities.

We do not currently have wildlife reporters and would like to change that. We have often held loon counts and like to monitor their activities and hatches. We could use volunteers. Chris Wagner reports a family of four barred owls at the west end of the island. Who else can report sightings of various critters?

Finally, gypsy moths have become a matter of concern in areas near Sand Lake. I have heard no reports of serious infestations on the island itself; these moths are always present but erupt into large outbreaks periodically. We will need to monitor this. Most contemporary solutions seem to involve homeowners taking action when excess moths are found.

(This ends my formal report.  RWC)


–The new website at birchisland.info became necessary because the previous version didn’t adapt well to evolutions in the devices we use. The original site, a beautiful thing, was created by John Curley using his extensive tech skills, but when he left the island a new approach was needed. Brett Cavanagh took over and crafted the very important intermediate site that is now being replaced. My son Rob Cavenagh created our new site using a package called WordPress. This is a widely used and highly regarded web vehicle we hope will serve us for years. At this time we are working on reinstalling some of the traditional pages from the Curley site. Mary Rockburn is working with others to craft a list of formal and casual ‘contractors’ to help with tasks at our cottages. We want to do much more. We need ‘content,’ and would love to have a web pro on board.

We will soon launch a new web category called “Island Life”.  Its header is already on the website and now we need your help to flesh it out. It will include galleries of interesting photos from all over the island and lake: scenic images, to be sure, but also personal and family images. AND, I want to encourage islanders to think about and write brief ‘stories’ about life on the island. AND on the lake. Sand Lake is, of course, a primary focus for many of us. We want your submissions!

In addition, there are facebook pages for Birch Island and Sand Lake, and an Instagram page.

–We face a perennial challenge in recruiting folks to participate in the Island Executive. This means a number of folks wind up playing repeating roles. There are no perks or benefits other than joining a group that is tuned to island life and intent on maintaining and improving it, but the group is congenial. (Presidents of cottage associations have said that their hardest task is always recruiting their own replacements…)  While we met remotely, via email, telephone, and Zoom this year, we much prefer to have all meetings face-to-face and hope we will soon be able to resume doing so. Think about joining us ….

We also have a library group–which has not needed to be active this year.

-We are very interested in hearing what islanders would like from the Association.

Enough from us. Use the COMMENTS link to respond. We’d love to hear your comments, and will tell you how to send pictures and stories!

We have a tradition of serving ice cream cones at the end of AGM meetings.  If you are so inclined, go to your fridge and….


Our best to you, and our hopes and wishes for a safe and virus-free future: Bob Cavenagh, Vipool Desai, John Feltmate, Rory Gooderham, Dave Perfetti, Mary Rockburn, Chris Wagner, Ry Weisiger

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