Current progress of Spray Program Sign-up


The deadline for applications is fast approaching (Feb 28)! If you have applied but haven’t heard back, it’s likely because the company handling the logistics is processing a very large number of applications. We have been told that our area is a “hot zone” which means we’ll likely make it onto the mapping for spraying. There will be 2 spray applications spaced 7 days apart.

We have added the slide show from the Zoom meeting to the page on LDD/Gypsy Moths.

2 thoughts on “Current progress of Spray Program Sign-up”

  1. I have some concerns about spraying. Here are some articles to look over.

    My neighbor sprayed last year on a nearby lake and was cleaning up dead bugs for weeks, not just gypsy moth caterpillars. I don’t want to interfere with the food source for birds or damage other species. Can the provider guarantee the spray on certain properties will not affect other properties?

  2. Hi Adam. The spray provider requires all neighbouring property owners to sign a waiver in which you can indicate your concerns. In that case, they will keep the spray 25 feet away from the property line.

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