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March 26, 2020

Hello Folks

We hope everyone had a safe and healthy winter. Now at this time we hope you are practicing self isolation during this Covid-19 break out. We have had many calls and emails from people wanting to get to their cottage early. At this time the lake still has ice!! So safe travel will not be possible for a few weeks. As you know in the spring we need to launch numerous boats before parking is available. We will need time to do this before customers arrive.

With this Covid-19 crisis we will be asking all customers to stay out of the shop, service area and Marina buildings! We need to protect our marina staff and families. This is our number one priority at this time. Our township has declared a state of emergency. This means that there are certain measures of limited services allowed to be available for people. We have to and will do our part to help out this situation.

As of right now Sand Lake Marine is CLOSED. That means no one is permitted to come into the facility. No one!

For people on Sand Lake going to Birch and Walnut Islands we will have your fuel tanks full when we do launch boats as we feel this will cut down on personal interaction with the marina staff. We will continue to monitor the situation and will keep everyone informed of when the marina opens.

We pray that all this gets behind us soon and everyone gets to enjoy the summer at beautiful Sand Lake.

Please stay safe and healthy.

Your Friends at Sand Lake Marine Inc.

David Glover


Memberships: We all want to keep Birch Island an enjoyable and safe place for our families to escape to! The Association has a long history of representing the cottagers with the township and of creating and maintaining island features (such as trails and signage and boat battery chargers), and we need both your input and $$ to do all this effectively. Please take the time to fill out the online membership form and send it in today. Leave a cheque in the BIRPOA ‘drop box’ at the Sand Lake Marine office OR mail your cheque to Vipool Desai.

Burn Ban: Just a reminder that if you want to have an outdoor fire, other than a cooking fire or small evening campfire, you need to purchase a permit (available for $10 at Gordanier’s Freshmart in Elgin, ON). Campfires and cooking fires must be no larger than 0.6m x 0.6m x 0.6m (2'x2'x2'), and can only be used between the hours of 8 pm and 11pm. When it is particularly dry, the Township often has a burn ban. Please check for this before you buy your permit/light your fires. Follow the regulations and burn during the coolest, dampest time of day and not when it's windy. 
Waste and Recycling: For 2018, the township has changed the Sunday service depot from Glover Road to Battams Rd Boat Launch (at the end of Battams Rd) on Sand Lake. The Township has rather complicated rules about sorting and packaging their waste and recyclables. Please read the Township rules carefully. Tags can be purchased for $2.50 at several locations, including Gordanier’s grocery store in Elgin. All bags must be tagged. Larger items must be taken to the dump (also known as the Portland Transfer Station).
Get a full calendar and other info from the Township’s web sites:
All of these Rideau Lakes Township links and more, can be found under the Contact/Links section of this site.

Septic Systems: The Municipal Septic System Re-Inspection Program was slated to begin mandatory re-inspection, starting in 2016. Go to the Township of Rideau Lakes web site and check the Development Services Department for septic tank information.

Numerous cottagers had their systems pumped out in 2016 by Docks Are Us. If you missed out on this service last year and are interested in having your system pumped, you can give Docks are Us as call at 613-888-9200.
Butternut recovery program: The Eastern Ontario Butternut recovery effort is being led by the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority (RVCA). An RVCA site visit took place this fall and the forestry people were excited to find some live butternut trees on the island. They have promised to donate a number of saplings and a big bag of butternuts for planting in the spring 2017. If you have questions or would like a sapling to ‘foster’, contact Laura Davis ( Further details are included in the “latest news” section of the site. Lots more information on the RVCA website:

Municipal Councillors: If you have concerns that you would like to bring up with our elected councillors for the Township of Rideau Lakes Ward 3, South Crosby, feel free to contact them (whether or not you voted for them!):
Linda Carr Phone: 613-272-2227 email:
Claire Gunnewiek Phone: 613-359-5324 email:
The full list is here:

Discover with us one of the most beautiful islands on the Rideau Canal system. Take a stroll in woods and meadows, wander in only a few minutes from dockside to the depths of island, let island foliage plants enchant you and feel the warmth of long Summer days by the dock and cottage living with all your senses.

Plunge in the fresh waters surrounding the island and take off for a trip far away from the fuss of the city. As many people say, time will run slower here. And after the water play, deepen your impressions in our astounding wild life on a cross island trail adventure. Admire extraordinary giant pine trees, rare geological formations, and deep forest wonders, let yourself be fascinated.

Several pairs of Loons call Birch Island home, and it is common to hear them calling each other through out the day and evenings

Looking to Own a Cottage on the Rideau System at an Affordable Price? Check out Birch Island located on Sand Lake. Kelly Blair Real Estate Group is the #1 Selling Team on the Island year after year!

You can always find turtles bathing in the warm summer months around the island

This year, make a resolution to engage with nature on the island trails. Follow a scenic path on a calm summer day and take in the beauty of the rugged surroundings.

Stroll to the far end of the island and discover our own Birch Island Library where you will find reading for all tastes, and puzzles for the young at heart. Don’t miss out on Jelly Roll rock – a rare geological find.

Our updates:

Garbage and recycling pickup

Sunday Island Service starts this coming Sunday, May 20th

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